Young Archer, rescued by a Cavalier, then enroled...

  • Rank / XP : Veteran / 50
  • Race : Human
  • Attributes :
    Agility : D12 – Smarts : D6 – Spirit : D6 – Strength : D8 – Vigor : D6
    Pace : 6 in – Parry : 8 (2) – Toughness : 8 (3) – Charisma : 0
  • Skills :
    (Agility d12) Fighting d8, Lockpicking d4, Stealth d8, Riding d6, Swimming d4, Throwing d6, Shooting d12
    (Smart d6) Notice d6, Tracking d4, Survival d4
    (Strength d8) Climbing d6
  • Edges :
    Adaptable – South born (Agility, capping d12+ 1)
    Diverse – d6 in Shooting
    Heirloom – Elvish longbow, “Cuthalion” – reduce called-shot penalty by 1
    Acrobat (Agility rolls + 2, Parry + 1)
    Marskman (Shoot +2 if no move)
    Archer (Call shot, cover and range penalties reduced by 1)
    Soul Bonded item – Cuthalion – Damage +2
    Double shot (2 Arrows on a single target, shoot -2)
  • Hindrances :
    Heroic (Major)
    Vengeful (minor)
    Cautious (minor)
    Phobia (Major) : Giant Bugs and Spiders
  • Gear :
    Elvish longbow “Cuthalion” (reduce called-shot penalty by 1, 2d6 + 3, Rg 18/36/72)
    Short sword (Str + d6)
    Dagger (2d4)
    Full mail (+ 3 Armor / -4 Coverage)
    Bracers (Parry + 1)
    Ranger’s kit
    Cavalier’s Saber (Str + d6)
    Cavalier’s cape
    Cavalier’s Armor (Armor +3, Cover -4, Magic to be discovered)
  • Defining Interests :
    Physionomist (Jehanne’s Rapist)
    Craft (bow & arrows)
    Hunting (woods)
  • Advancement :
    Novice :
    Level 1 : Improves Throwing to d6 and Fighting to d8.
    Level 2 : Improves Spirit to d6.
    Level 3 : Becomes an Acrobat.
    Level 4 : Improves Climb to d6 and Stealth to d8.
    Seasonned :
    Level 1 : Becomes a Marksman.
    Level 2 : Becomes an Archer (through an Epic Destiny).
    Level 3 : Improves Agility to d12.
    Level 4 : Improves Shooting to d12 and Riding to d6.
    Level 5 : Soul Bonds his Long Bow (Damage +2)
    Veteran :
    Level 2 : Learn Double Shot.
    Level 3 :

Camoner of peasant extraction.
His sister Jehanne was raped by an important paladin and commited suicide a few weeks later.
Prone to revenge, he joined the Cavaliers some years ago.

Theodore was born in a peaceful peasant family, four years after his sister Jehanne, in a quiet little farm along the road from Furalor to Aladel.
He’s an agile child who likes to go once in a while for a hunt, at the foot of the Southern Range along the Copper River, with his Dad for their, as they called it,
“Manly Hunt” with juste some food, their bow and quiver and a knife as a gear.

A morning during Theodore’s eleventh year, while his father was in the field and his mother at the market place, a Paladin from Archanon’s Church came by, asking for a little rest and refreshment before going on his long journey to Bearheart.
He was well recieved by Jehanne, beautiful woman to be, who was really pleased to be of any help of this guest as prestigious as unexpected. Her little brother remained in the next room, preparing the bows and arrows with the incoming
“Manly Hunt” in mind.
The Paladin devoured his improvised meal, drank his glass of fresh water, but his thirst didn’t seem to be quenched yet. He looked at the young maid with a vile lust in the eyes, sat up and grabbed the girl, and began to serve himself the desert he desired.
Alerted by his sister’s screams, the boy ran into the room, then stopped horrified by this terrible show. His rage grown fast as well as an urge to help the girl in need. Of course, he was no match for a grown up man, moreover a trained Paladin… So he was rapidly and easily knocked out by the knight who now had a free hand to finish his duty.
He woke up at the sound of Jehanne’s sobbing, the rapist gone.

The young girl couldn’t bear anymore the glances of the neighbours, no one was listening to her complaints, and, frankly speaking, how could anyone imagine a Rightful Paladin, chosen by and for the Church of Archanon might commit such an awful deed … Neither could she bear the growing seed of a Paladin in her womb. That’s why she ended her days a few weeks later …
Since then, Theodore’s parents were shattered and, as a matter of fact, his whole world was. No more smile, no more
“Manly Hunt”, no more love … All of this because of a bloody Paladin of the fake Light !
The boy did carve the face of the ennemy deep in his mind and swore to himself he’d have his revenge, to clean the memory of his beloved Sis’ at the least, to see him suffer and beg for pardon in the best case scenario.


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