Fencer who recently joined the Cavaliers



  • Agility: d10
  • Smarts: d6
  • Spirit: d6
  • Strength: d6
  • Vigor: d6
  • Pace: 6 in.
  • Parry: 10 (3)
  • Toughness: 6 (1)
  • Charisma: 0


  • Fighting: d10
  • Knowledge (politics): d4
  • Notice: d6
  • Persuasion: d4
  • Riding: d4
  • Stealth: d10
  • Survival: d4
  • Taunt: d6
  • Throwing: d6
  • Tracking: d4


  • Diverse: one free d6 in one skill (Fighting)
  • Adaptable: one free starting edge (South-Born)
  • South-Born: one free attribute raise (Agility — caping at d12+1)
  • Ambidextrous: no penalty for using off-hand
  • Fencer: +1 Parry while unencumbered and +1 to offset any called shot penalties
  • Epic Destiny: Combat Reflexes
  • Combat Reflexes: +2 to recover from being Shaken
  • First Strike: free Fighting attack against one adjacent foe each turn
  • Student of Forms (Fencer): +1 to all Fighting rolls made while fencing


  • Animosity (Major): against the Prelacy of Camon
  • Loyal (minor): will never betray my friends
  • Wanted (minor): Janus used to think he was wanted by the Prelacy of Camon. Now he is… His head worths 20 GP
  • Obligations (minor): Cavaliers


  • Full leather (+1 Armor / -4 Coverage)
  • Rapier (Str + d4 / Parry + 1)
  • Cavalier Parrying Dirk (Str + d4 / Parry + 1 when used defensively)
  • 3 Daggers (2d4)
  • Ranger Kit: Ranger Clothing, a week of travel rations, a water skin, a backpack, a bedroll, flint & steel, a fishing line and hook, game trapping gear
  • Hair Dye
  • Make-up

Defining Interests:

  • Additional Language (Galean)
  • Disguise
  • Acting


  • Camonere
  • Galean (Common)

Advancement: 25 XP

  • Human Racial Edge: Epic Destiny, to get Combat Edge: Combat Reflexes
  • Attribute raise: Agility (d10)
  • Skill raise: Fighting (d10) and Stealth (d10)
  • Combat Edge: First Strike
  • Combat Edge: Student of form

I was born Valère Androuet 20 years ago, my father Jacques was a Camon merchant while my mother Iphigénie was well occupied raising my two youngest sisters (Anne and Bérénice) and me.

I was kind of a normal kid, passing all the time I could playing with my friends, unaware of politics like all 10 years old boys can be.

Until one day, one of my close friends, Janus, showed the bunch of kids we were something he learned, making us swear to keep the secret: he knew a cantrip! Of course we swore, but 2 days after that, he was burned as well as his family on the village main place…

From that day, I’ve stopped being a kid and suddenly entered the real world. I was living in a country where you could be murdered by the rulers just because you were manipulating the most basic and inoffensive arcanes…

For those of you who speak French, you can find Janus’ journal here:


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