Cavaliers of Camon do not exist. They are just a remnant of the past, and even if, now and then, rumors of their appearance shows up, the Church has not been able to find any clue about their whereabouts. And whatever the case, the Church has more high-purposes than chasing ghosts. The war is coming to a stalemate, the armies are exhausted. It’s time to act.

The Crimson Crusade is on its way. Troops are being gathered in the South-West of Camon. Camon is ready to go to war, at for clean the world of any heretic, be it non-human or demon-workshiping arcanist. By Archanon’s will, Shaintar is destined to be inhabited by humans, and humans only, and it’s time to act…

Because of the preparations of the Crimson Crusade, the pression of the Church and of the Inquisition inside the boundaries of camon has been less severe, especially in the east of the Prelacy. It’s time for the ghosts of the past to act. It’s time for the Cavaliers to come out of hiding and to test the Church…

This story revolves around 6 characters :

  • Viviane de Norversant (french translated name of North Face) — daughter of the former Baron Philibert de Norversant. Accused of heresy by her cousin Allistair, she had to flee and go in hiding a few months ago. Being smart, she had everything prepared should this happen. She had constructed a network of friends to rely on. Philibert died two weeks ago, and Allistair took his place at the head of the Norversant family. Viviane was then betrayed by some of her contacts and arrested in Nébias, a small mining village some 10 miles of Norversant.
  • Janus — Camoner of peasant extraction. During childhood, a friend with appearing channeling power was betrayed and burnt. Helped later hooded men to fight against paladins. Fled to Galea, where he learnt to fight. Came back to Camon some months ago and joined the Cavaliers.
  • Theodore — Also a camoner of peasant extraction. Her sister Jehanne was raped by an important paladin and then commit suicide a few weeks later. Prone to revenge, he has joined the Cavaliers some years ago.
  • Brother Antonius — Monastic scribe for the Church. Read too many books, including some forbidden one, exposing the “real” History and Cosmology, not the one ones tought by the Church. He then began to get visions from Archanon, the real one. He understood he was misguided, and began to preach for the Light. He had to flee before to get caught by the Inquisition.
  • Iseld — Young adept of camonese extraction. Her parents were accused of having helped a wounded escaped dwarf slave. She was sent to a convent from which she escaped some months later. She headed to Galea, where she was detected to have a gift for the Way. After some years for studies there, she’s heading back to her native village.
  • Edwin — Adept from a southern Citadel. Looking for his father who went to Camon some years ago, investigating on the apparition of filaments and loci, and about something he though was a different kind of magic. None has heard from him since his departure.

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