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Rescue !

[Unnamed farm, Nébias, Camon]

Viviane is in hiding. A farm of goos people in the village of Nébias. She’s been asking questions to her contacts, and she’s sure that Cavaliers will hear about it. The church has been looking for them for so long. She doubt she can find them if they don’t want to… But she has much to offer to their cause. Now that she’s been tagged heretic, she doesn’t have much to loose. They will get her word, they will find her…

When the door is suddenly blasted away and she sees paladins soldiers entering the house, she understands they didn’t find her fast enough. The tall silhouette of the inquisitor enter the room while soldiers gage her :

— Viviane de Norversant, you’re under arrest for heresy, practice of forbidden demon-worshipping arcane, and murder of your father.

When they put a blind hood on her head and tie her up, she understands : it’s over, the Church has won… Once more.

[Verdant hills, south of Nébias, Camon]

Janus and Theodore are on a mission. Malchus, the Cavalier’s leader (or at least their leader) sent them on errand to get in contact with a possible recruit : Viviane de Norversant, daughter of the recently deceased baron, accused of heresy by the Church. She’s been hiding for some weeks now, and according to Malthus, she has been trying to get in contact. They are heading to Nébias to meet and gauge her.

The dark smoke they see rising above the village when the arrive on the spot isn’t the best proof that everything will go as smoothly as expected…

[Lord’s Enlighted Inn bedroom, Nébias, Camon]

Brother Antonius is writing. He is far enough from Camondel, so he thinks. Now that the Crimson Crusade is underway, the inquisition should be more around the south. Banging on the door proved him to be false, as much as the key is turning inside the lock :

— Antonius, you’re under arrest, for heresy, seditious speech and worshipping of the demon-worshipping false faith.

Things got dark when paladins put a blind hood over his head.

[Road to Nébias, Camon]

Edwin was on the move. He has been searching Cavaliers for some time now. Since the Church will never share any information about his father, he has been looking for their enemies. But they are damn good at hiding, for sure. yesterday was a lucky day though. Perking in peoples head is quite dangerous in Camon and can lead to a quick death, but it can also gets you some valuable information.

Edwin learnt that an operation of an inquisitor was planned in Nébias, and that this operation was to deal with potential threats to the Church. Perhaps a lead to the Cavaliers. He had to take the chance.

Unfortunately, the dark smoke rising above the village upon his arrival made him look grim : he is too late to handle things peacefully…

[Unknown dark place]


Flashes * Chirurgical instruments * intermittent lights * drugs… * strange bald dwarf * unknown machinery * Pain, so much pain… * Darkness…

[Nébias, 15 miles east of Norversant (North Face) – Village square]

Dark smoke rises above a burned house : criminals hiding heretics, rightly punished by the Inquisition. The crowd gathers to the village square to see an Inquisitor and four guards leading an man and a woman, both blind-hooded and tied up, to a prison cart. Two of the paladins also carrying another woman lying on a stretcher. The crowd shouts at the heretics, throws some vegetables, while they’re being put inside the cart.

Though none notices, the conscious woman successfully grips a tomatoes while entering the wagon. Janus and Theodore understand they’re too late. The woman they were to mert must be one of these two. Edwin, perking inside people thoughts understands that these prisonners have to be important ones or they would have been burned on place.

The inquisitor then have some speech about heresy, treason, and trial in the name of Archanon. In the meantime, Theodore and Janus decide that the inquisitor will head to Norversant and head in that direction to set up an ambush. They are right about the destination : the convoy departs and heads west. Not knowing exactly what to do right now, Edwin decides to follow the convoy from afar.

Inside the wagon, Vivianne uses the tomato to make her hands more slippery and successfully unties her bonds. After some times, she silently unties the other man (Antonius). They’re both free, trying to find some way to escape from the wagon when the two Cavaliers launch their attack.


Theodore’s great elven bow sings and his aim is true : the Inquisitor is seriously injured and staggers. Janus throws a dagger to a soldier whose horse panics a bit. The four soldiers react to the attack and begins to fight back. Janus is hit on the shoulder by a crossbow bolt but his armor prevail. Viviane and Antonius try to disturb the paladins who are on the cart, and are quite successful at it.

Edwin, far behind the convoy begins to run toward the fight. Theodore kills one of the paladins with another well-placed shot, while Janus dispatch one other. Another arrow kills the Inquisitor, and Janus finishes the fight against the two remaining paladins, while Edwin asks anyone to surrender (and is mostly ignored).

Viviane and Antonius are freed, as well as the mysterious unknown woman, still unconscious. After some fast talk, they decide to hide the wagon, take the horses (and Antonius’ mule), and head south toward the mountains, hiding their tracks as they proceed.


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